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The Key to Psychotherapy: Understanding the Self-Created Individual E-BOOK (PDF) $40.00 PAPERBACK $60.00 HARDCOVER $75.00

The Key to Psychotherapy
Understanding the Self-Created Individual
2nd edition, revised and expanded

(Original work titled Understanding Lifestyle: The Psychoclarity Process)

Robert L. Powers and Jane Griffith

© 2012; 450 pp.; Illustrations; References; Index.

Kurt A. Adler, MD, PhD called the first edition "a comprehensive study of a technique and method for personality assessment designed to enable clinicians to understand individual uniqueness, and to teach and inform them how to convey this to their clients or patients. This book is of extreme value."

— Dr. Adler, a founder of the Alfred Adler Institute of New York and a psychiatrist in private practice in New York, was Alfred Adler's son.

Steven A. Maybell, PhD calls the new edition "for counselors and therapists who still believe in the uniqueness of human beings, who recognize the importance of a client's coming to a dynamic and systematic understanding of his or her lives and problems, and who believe that process and structure is important in therapy, this is THE BOOK for you. It provides the therapist, supervisor, and teacher a key resource in the art and science of psychotherapy."

— Dr Maybell is Director, Student Counseling Center and Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle Washington. A NASAP Diplomate, he is an AAMFT clinical fellow and approved supervisor, and was the Washington State 2011 AAMFT Supervisor of the Year.

James Robert Bitter, EdD calls this book "not simply a 'how to' manual, though every step of the therapeutic process is made clear and is abundantly illustrated with case examples from Powers's and Griffith's years of expert practice: It is a discourse on the art and science of psychotherapy, offering everything one needs to know to engage in respectful, educated, and intuitive intervention to arrive at personal and relational transformation. It is simply the best guide to creative psychotherapy available today."

— Dr. Bitter, Professor of Counseling, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee, and a NASAP Diplomate, is coauthor of "Adlerian Group Counseling and Therapy" (Brunner-Routledge, 2004).

Individual Psychology Client Workbook with Supplements E-BOOK (PDF) $15.00 PAPERBACK $25.00

Individual Psychology Client Workbook
with Supplements
3rd edition, revised and expanded

Robert L. Powers and Jane Griffith

© 2012, 64 pp.

The IPCW is an accompaniment to The Key to Psychotherapy. It provides the clinician with a systematic format for the investigation and understanding of personality carried out in collaboration with the client. The Supplements guide the therapist in interpreting and summarizing the gathered data. Independent of the text, therapists find the IPCW a useful tool for organizing client material in the process of therapy.

— Powers & Griffith

The Lexicon of Adlerian Psychology Book Cover E-BOOK (PDF) $40.00 PAPERBACK $60.00

The Lexicon of Adlerian Psychology: 106 Terms Associated with the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler
2nd edition, revised and expanded

Jane Griffith and Robert L. Powers

E-Book © 2010; 155 pp.; References; Index.
Paperback edition © 2007; 155 pp.; References; Index.

Guy J. Manaster, PhD, writes in his Foreword to The Lexicon, "There are two requirements for writing a lexicon, a complete in-depth knowledge of a subject and linguistic precision. Jane Griffith and Robert Powers have a long history in Adlerian Psychology as authors, teachers, and therapists. Their use of language is meticulous... The Lexicon of Adlerian Psychology covers the essentials of Individual Psychology theory and practice. It will be as useful and rewarding for the knowledgeable Adlerian as for the novice."

— Dr. Manaster, a Diplomate and past-president of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, is Honorary President of the International Association of Individual Psychology and a retired member of the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin.

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